Two bars in New York are being sold by Bitcoin

Bar owner said that in the next crisis „you won’t have to run out and buy toilet paper, because you can just use dollars“.

On Tenth Avenue in New York, a man named Patrick Hughes owns two bars – Hellcat Annie’s and Scruffy Duffy. Like most restaurants in the world, they have been affected by the pandemic, with most of them being closed last year.

Patrick Hughes realized that another sector was doing significantly better, so he decided to try to take advantage of it. He announced that he wants to sell his two bars – if the customer pays in Crypto Code or Ethereum.

As reported by the NY Post, the bar owner is betting heavily on digital currency and can go down in history as the first restaurant purchased with cryptomime

Hughes is asking for 25 bitcoins, valued at just under $1 million, or 800 Ethereum (ETH) tokens.

If you have 25 BTC or 800 ETH, both bars can be yours. Digital coins converted into reais are worth approximately $5 million.

Hughes‘ intention is „to sell to some crypto personality who always wanted to have his own bar,“ he told the New York Post.

Getting rich and having a bar are quite clichéd dreams of young people, as we see in American movies and TV series, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find some kind of millionaire crypto that would like to have a bar.

In front of the bar on Tenth Avenue there is a sign announcing the sale and, so far, several people have expressed passing interest.
Plaque on the bar announcing that the bar is selling through Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The seller does not lose hope. He says the future is in the cryptomachs and hopes to go down in history as the first man to sell a bar for a digital virtual coin.

„I’m not aware of any other bar or restaurant that has been sold only for cryptomime,“ Charles Cascarilla, CEO of Paxos told the NY Post, „But more and more people see cryptomime as a monetary instrument. We are really at a critical point of acceptance.

The cryptomoeda market is being driven by growing fears about debt and the devaluation of the dollar, which has been the most dominant currency in the world for many years.

Hughes is joining many other investors, large institutions and ordinary people who now believe that Bitcoin and some other crypto currencies can serve as a legitimate alternative to the monetary system.

„Cryptomoin is on fire, it’s a hot currency. It is decentralized. It’s global.“

Hughes also said that „in the next crisis, you won’t have to run out and buy toilet paper because you might just use dollars.