AllianceBlock and Crunchbase Join Forces to Enhance DeFi with Powerful Business Data

• AllianceBlock and Crunchbase have announced a collaboration to provide DeFi with powerful business data.
• The Data Tunnel, a cornerstone of a worldwide, circular data economy, will allow users to access Crunchbase’s vast collection of priceless data.
• The addition of Crunchbase’s insights to AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel is expected to revolutionize the DeFi industry and speed up innovation.

AllianceBlock and Crunchbase Collaborate To Provide DeFi with Powerful Business Data

AllianceBlock, a supplier of end-to-end decentralized financial solutions, recently announced its collaboration with Crunchbase, a prospecting tool that uses industry-leading proprietary data. This partnership aims to make their vast collection of priceless data accessible to users of AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel.

Data Tunnel: A Cornerstone for Worldwide Circular Data Economy

The Data Tunnel is intended to serve as the cornerstone of a worldwide, circular data economy that permits decentralized intermediary-free information exchange, analysis, integration and revenue sharing between people and businesses. It also encourages users who are providing data, enriching it or merging it with other information by recognizing them for their contributions. With more than 75 million dealmakers using Crunchbase for opportunities and searching less while completing more deals – this partnership would enable blockchain companies and developers easier access to invaluable insights from Crunchbase’s database.

Revolutionizing the DeFi Industry Through Cutting Edge Internal Apps

The addition of Crunchbase’s deep business insights into AllianceBlock’s Data Tunnel is expected to revolutionize the DeFi industry by speeding up innovation through cutting edge internal apps such as maps of untouched markets, client acquisition profiles or default probability models generated from their enriched database.

Ripple Effects on Entire Ecosystem Of Solutions And Partners

Rachid Ajaja , CEO & Co-Founder at Allianceblock said “With the addition of Crunchbase’s world-leading business data to the Data Tunnel – Allianceblock is filling demand for both decentralized and centralized actors for buying & selling data from one another seamlessly; enabling the industry realize its full potential while encouraging new actors join in this movement – which will have major ripple effects on entire ecosystem Of solutions And partners.“


    In conclusion ,this alliance between Allianceblock & Chunchase brings together two leading players in the market that presents an opportunity not only for developers but also investors looking forward towards tapping unexplored markets or leveraging predictive analytics models . This newly formed partnership will be crucial in driving innovation in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space while creating lucrative opportunities along the way!